Saturday, June 23, 2012

Annual Conference Report - Thursday

Our final day of annual conference was quite brief as it only ran to lunch.  Thus- this report will be much shorter!
The first major issue of the day was a report on what the minimum salary for pastors would be in 2013.  The original formula (you don’t want to know!) called for pastors at minimum salary to receive a raise of $245 in 2013.  Charlie Yost, pastor of Church of the  Savior in Cleveland Heights indicated that this seemed almost insulting to those pastors who make the least (He is not one).  He proposed that pastors instead receive a 2% raise and this was adopted.  This will make the minimum salary in $33,047.
A second presentation of note was from the president of Guidestone (formerly Berea Children’s Home).  We recently had a presenter from this agency so I know you know the vast amount of social services this Methodist agency provides.  However, did you know that they are creating a new charter school in the Central neighborhood of Cleveland?  Called Stepstone, the academy will offer a blended learning model (incorporating classroom and online work) with the full resources of Guidestone to offer support for the entire family.  This seemed like a wonderful model for me and they will be looking for loving people to volunteer on their boards and with the kids.  Anyone interested?
With this, our 2012 annual conference drew to a close.  They focus quite a bit on our leadership will launch us into new ministry opportunities in the future.  Are you ready?

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